Get your orders in now for February!

Our Bio-Control facility are offering a 75% subsidy to Gympie landholders for insects to control Cat’s Claw Creeper and Madeira Vine!

Madeira Vine and Cat’s Claw Creeper are an invasive species and have become an environmental weed smothering understory vegetation and killing mature trees.

Physical and chemical control is not always possible. Biological controls form part of an integrated approach to pest management and is a cost-effective way to reduce the vigour of wide-spread infestations. In the long term it is hoped that additional bio-control organisms will be found that will damage the tubers.

To find out more about this subsidy and how to get your orders in for February, please contact our office today on 5483 8866.

For more information about the damage these vines can cause, please click here.