After lengthy delays and much re-scheduling due to Covid-19, our 2020 Blockie’s Landcaring Course has finally begun!

So far our group has learnt all about soil health and regenerating their soils, with much-loved presenters Jason Virtue and Melanie Marx. This session covered many aspects of soil health, including how we can use animals in regeneration as well as natural landscape rehydration methods.

Our next session involved a trip out to Monjela Farm at Kilkivan, to visit local experienced cattle grazier Dan Carney. With the impending forecast of rain, the weather played along and held off just enough so that everybody could explore Dan’s property and learn about his grazing methods. Dan has many years experience with grazing and stock management and the team at Gympie Landcare must say a big thank you for hosting us for the day.

Our most recent trip was out to Kilkivan Community Farm where we met Shane Joyce and learnt all about Biodynamics. From plants used to make compost preparations, combinations of all the preparations in one product, application methods and timing of applications, Shane has surely busted many of the paradigms in Biodynamics. Biodynamics has been a catalyst for Shane to move even more into working with energetics in farm and garden management and the participants all had a fantastic day at this session.

We still have quite a few sessions to go, including Rural Fire Property Reduction, Insects and Pollinators, Invasive Species, Wildlife Corridors & Habitats and Permaculture Property Design. Stay tuned for more updates from these upcoming sessions!