A successful Garden Blitz with Kids Bizz

We recently visited Kids Bizz Early Learning Centre to assist the centre with some ideas for how they could bring some new life to their gardens. As the centre has a strong focus on teaching kids about nature and the environment, we decided to plan a “Garden Blitz” day and to get all the kids involved.

We successfully “blitzed” 2 garden areas and the kids are all very excited about starting their plant diaries, which they will use to record the growth and changes of these plants. We also taught the children lots of little fun facts about plants and why they are so important to our environment.

Our first mini blitz was with the toddler class and these kids were very keen to get planting! We planted a range of edible plants including lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, beans, basil, parsley and mint. We also planted some native lomandra grasses, midyim berries and twiggy myrtle bushes. And last but not least, we planted some beautiful marigolds to provide a food source for our bees.



The second blitz was with the kindy class (ages 3 to 4) whose garden beds were in need of a little love and care. We removed the old dry soil and filled in the beds with fresh nutrient rich soil, ready for our planting. In this garden we planted a range of native plants including midyim berries, lomandra and blue flax lilies.The children also planted some of their favourite herbs and vegetables, including tomatos, strawberries, chives, mint and bok choy.

Our kindy kids also planted 5 new trees at their centre including a Wallum Bottlebrush, Gumbi Gumbi tree, and Plum Myrtle tree and are lookng forward to watching them grow.

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