Bio-Control – Aphids Competing for Jewel Beetle Food

Cats Claw Creeper vine is grown on site for our Jewel Beetles. Occasionally Aphids move into our growing shade house sucking the sap from the vine, secreting deposits of honeydew.  Honeydew often causes sooty mould which need to be removed from the leaves before introducing the Jewel beetles. In good conditions, aphids can reproduce rapidly and can cause extensive damage.

At Landcare, we use Yates Nature’s Way or Agro Best Natrasoap which is mixed with water and sprayed directly onto plants.  The soap coats the aphids causing suffocation and any leaves covered in sooty mould is removed by giving them a quick scrub with a toothbrush.   Control is not always easy as aphids live on the underside of the leaves.

For home gardeners you could try a mild household detergent mixed with water, neam oil, physical removal, a blast of water or introducing beneficial insects into your garden.

Bugs for Bugs are Integrated pest management specialists and rear a variety of beneficial insects to control pest bugs.  Some of the insects to control aphids are lacewings, hoverflies and ladybirds.  Check out for more information on introducing beneficial bugs into your garden.

Cat’s Claw Creeper covered in Sooty Mould caused by Aphids
Sooty Mould being removed from leaves








Jewel beetle tent soap sprayed and washed down before adding Jewel beetles