Bio-Control News

Cat’s claw creeper has been severely impacted in most areas by the drought which has given some relief to our native plants, but with the recent rains, the vine has made a dramatic comeback in only a matter of weeks.

It has been our mission to increase the number of jewel beetles being released in the last financial year and even with tough weather patterns and low humidity, we successfully reared and released a little over 115,000 beetles, 55,000 more than the previous year.

Our dam has finally been dug out, just in time for the January rains and while it is not yet full, the ducks are enjoying what rain has entered the dam.

Our wildlife has also been through a tough year with a lack of food and water. This little koala wandered into my yard recently and his details and GPS locations have been reported to Koala Action Group which were formed to ensure the conservation of the koala and their habitat and they have asked if we could give him a name. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to email Yvonne at with your name and suburb.