Nina, Nathan and I have been busy setting up worm beds by recycling old fridges and freezers. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who kindly donated to the composting worm farm set-up.

A mix of Tigers, Blues, Reds, Gardener’s Friend and Nightcrawlers have been purchased and they should arrive in approximately two to three weeks, ready for their new homes.


Composting worms are different to earthworms as they like to eat food scraps and other organic material, creating rich worm castings and worm juice which are both fantastic for the home garden. Earthworms on the other hand, prefer to eat plant debris and soil and will move freely about your garden.


Parsley, lettuce, bok choy and silverbeet have been planted in pots and once our wicking bed is up and running, we will be able to include a wide variety of different veggies and herbs for the worms. Composting worms will also happily eat fruit, cardboard, newspaper, hair clippings and even dust from your vaccuum cleaner!

We are hoping that by mid-Spring our composting worms will be available for sale, however we will keep you posted with regular updates.


Yvonne Hennell – Bio Control Manager