Bio Control News: November 2020

I cannot believe that it was 5 years ago since I began my career in Bio-control.  It has been a huge learning curve over the years, but it has also been a lot of fun along the way.

Our Jewel beetles are back in the swing of things now that the weather has warmed, and it was exciting to find one Cat’s claw leaf in our tunnel house with 14 pupal disks.

After 3 years experimenting rearing the Leaf tying moth, generation 9 emerge early this month.  Each moth was individually caught and placed into small containers then released into their brand-new free-range enclosure.

Our local scrub turkey Mr Fastidious  has been busy building his nest next to the Nursery.  Eggs are usually laid from September to March with an average clutch holding up to 24 eggs.  When the young hatch, they dig themselves out of the nesting mound and care for themselves.

Yvonne Hennell

Biocontrol Manager