Bio-Control News – September 2020

Our madeira beetle larvae have been feeding heavily on madeira vine and will head into the soil to pupate within the next few weeks.

Unlike our madeira beetles, our jewel beetle breeding cycles have slowed due to the over night temperatures dropping into single digits.  Once the overnight temperature increases back into double digits, the insects breeding cycles will start to increase.

If you are interested in purchasing insects to control madeira vine or cats claw creeper then please contact us on 07 5483 8866 for more information.

The advertising on our shared Nursery/Biocontrol work ute is now complete and our new lime green work shirts blend in nicely, fitting in with the Landcare logo colour scheme.

Our composting worms are about to mature and when they reach 3 months of age they will start mating and laying eggs.  Once our worm population increases we will then start selling them.  Over 200 vegetable seedlings have been planted in old recycled polystyrene boxes, keeping the food costs down significantly. Worms wait for their food to break down before they start eating but we prefer to process their food in bulk by breaking it down in a blender then freezing it until it is ready to use. Not only does it save time, the worms can start feeding straight away.  Our worms are generally fed pureed veges on Tuesday and then given a fruit smoothie on Friday but only when we find discarded fruit that has not eaten in the Nursery and when they have fully finished their previous meal.

Yvonne Hennell – Biocontrol Manager

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