Biological Services August 2022

What’s New in Biological Services

In June, Ella joined our team as our new Biological Services Coordinator. Ella is currently learning about all things in the worm world, and she plays an integral part of overseeing the composting worm project.
It is estimated that 5 million tons of food end up in landfill in Australia each year.  This waste releases methane and greenhouse gases that is more potent than carbon dioxide.
Having your own worm farm reduces household waste and produces worm castings and liquid which improves soil quality and food for your plants. Castings hold moisture in the soil for plants and are rich in beneficial microbes. You can add a small pinch of castings to germinate seeds, a small handful for established plants as well as making non-aerated and aerated worm tea. Drop into Gympie Landcare and pickup our worm casting brochures for application rates and tea instructions.
Composting worms are a type of earthworm, that feed on organic material and food scraps and they make fantastic pets and kids just love them.
We stock a limited supply of composting worms on the shelf, but they can be preordered, and set aside for purchase. They come in a handy 5 litre bucket consisting of 1000 worms for $45.00 or 500 worms for $25.00.  The 500-worm bucket needs to be preordered and is suitable for very small worm farms or for households that produce little waste.
We also have 5 litre buckets of fresh worm castings for $15.00 and casting refills for only $10.00. 2 litre worm liquid is $3.00 and when you buy 1 bottle you will receive 1 free.
Soon we will be selling composting worm farms in the retail nursery and hosting worm workshops, so watch this space.
We are excited to be attending the Little Kids Day Out at the Pavilion, Gympie Showgrounds on the 3rd of September 2022. This is a free annual community event and this year the theme is “Young Engineers.” We will be attending, showing the kids how to build mini worm farms amongst other things, so if you have young kids, bring them along to this great event.

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