Bugs to Identify in the Nursery

With the arrival of summer rain and humidity, nature has turned on more than just plant growth – Bugs are aplenty too!

In a nursery full of young juicy plants, it is no surprise to find these larvae enjoying this buffet. But rather than taking to them with chemicals just to keep plants looking immaculate, we’re taking the time to appreciate the beauty in these small critters and maybe even learn a bit about them.

Catopsilia pyranthe

Also known as the Mottled Emigrant, Senna species are the main host to the larvae. Native to Australia.

Poneridia semipullata

Also known as the Fig-Leaf Beetle, the Fig species are the host to this larvae, thus are often found in swarms on the older leaves of this species while the adult beetle eat the younger leaves. Native to Australia.

Danaus chrysippus

Also known as the Plain Tiger the larvae of this butterfly can be commonly found on Asclepias species. Native to Australia.

Graphium Sarpedon

Also known as Bluebottle or Blue Triangle, the larvae of this butterfly can be commonly found on Lauraceae species. Native to Australia.

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