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With the recent heavy rains our field crew are back into full swing! We’ve been busy working on multiple Council projects including the River Trail, Deep Creek rehabilitation, and Webb Park and Messmate Park revegation projects.  All of our Council projects included community involvement elements and we will be holding different events throughout the year to get the community involved. So far we’ve held two different school planting days with Cooloola Christian College and Widgee State School where we saw the kids getting their hands dirty and loving the outdoor activities.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Cat’s Claw Creeper vine at this size, but on Wednesday 3 March our field crew were working up at Upper Kandanga when they came across this whopper of a vine weighing in at 30kgs! DID YOU KNOW? We started rearing biocontrol agents in 2008 when a leaftying moth was released for Cats Claw Creeper control. The Cats Claw Creeper work is currently focused on two other species: a Tingid bug and a Jewel Beetle. We also rear beetles to assist with Madeira vine control. Both these vines have been classified as Weeds of National Significance (WoNS).

Gympie property owners are eligible for a subsidy for our bugs as well! To find out more about our bio-control services, please click here.

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