Recently we ran our ‘Environmental Sustainability’ Photo Competition and we received some fantastic entries.

The creativity that people have shown whilst being stuck at home was amazing and we must congratulate each and every one of you that entered for the great work that you have been doing and the interesting ideas that you have had.

Our administration team were tasked with the difficult job of picking our winner and after much deliberation, we are pleased to announce that our winners were:

1st Place – Carley O’Donnell 

“I have decided to start building my own transportable pallet veggie gardens. My first garden is a herb garden, all the herbs started off as cuttings from my dad’s garden which I started to grow in jars of water along with spring onion and celery. Once the roots started growing, I built the pallet garden (which I sourced from a friend for free) then I planted them.

My next project will be a deeper one, same concept for veggies. The reason I have them on wheels is so that where ever I go my gardens can come with me and I will never have to buy herbs again!

2nd Place – Jennifer James

“Being stuck at home we decided to clean out our shed. We found a big old canvas poster that was ready for the dump! Instead, we decided to give it some new life by giving it a coat of paint and then tracing a pattern onto it. We used leftover beads from Christmas kits (that would have alos gone in the bin) and some feathers that our chooks had dropped, to create this beautiful new artwork. We used up all the leftover beads and nothing had to go in the bin. It also looks lovely on my wall. Less material and plastic going into landfill.”

3rd Place – Annemiek Wilson

“Not long after losing my job in the entertainment industry I found myself looking at ways to cope. What will this virus do to our way of living? I realised more than ever that now I would need to start re-evaluating my priorities. I decided to create a vegetable garden with used polystyrene boxes. Some old timber and a load of garden soil. I sourced my seed from friends and bought some seedlings when available.I used some old netting to keep the cabbage moths away from my broccoli which are doing fabulously. My family will be benefiting in the next few months😊 as we go through this trying time.”