We recently held our very first Cat’s Claw Basket Weaving workshop on a property out at Pie Creek.

We began the day with a walk along the creek learning all about the Cat’s Claw Creeper vine, with special thanks to our Bio-Control Manager, Yvonne.

Yvonne told us some really interesting facts and information relating to what we can do to try and control this invasive vine.

We were now ready to roll up our sleeves and collect our various pieces of vine that we would be using to make our baskets. Our group managed to collect two whole wheelbarrows of Cat’s Claw vine in less than one hour’s time.

It was then time for the fun and creative part – the basket weaving!

Our lovely presenter Tani showed us various examples of all the different shapes and styles of baskets that you can create, before thoroughly explaining the process to us all.

The weaving was a little difficult to begin with but it didn’t take long before our hands started to get into the rhythm of things. Slowly but surely our baskets started coming together, with some very creative shapes and features beginning to appear among the group.

The end result – some absolutely beautiful baskets and a great day had by all!