Find a Frog!


Despite the lack of rain, the MRCCC have already received 2000 frog records of 21 species from across the catchment in the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) – Citizen Science – Annual Frog Survey ‘Find a Frog in February’.  A final count combining the MRCCC record sheets, and data collected from Australia Museum’s FrogID app from the Find a Frog in Feb – MRCCC group and across the catchment, will be available as soon as it collated.

It would be great to receive more records and you can find out how to record frog data here to be a part of important scientific research that helps planners and researchers understand and protect our frogs.

200 Froggers have joined the ‘Find a Frog in February’ group on Facebook to share their findings and help with identification.

The ‘Find a Frog in February-MRCCC’ group on the Australian Museum’s is now listed as the 9th most active frog finding group in Australia. 

Whether you use the data sheets from the MRCCC website or the FrogID app – all data collected throughout the Mary River catchment will go to the Queensland WildNet database for all future research and planning efforts. You can view the Frog Finders Guide here.

FIND A FROG IN FEBRUARY is supported by the Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast & Fraser Coast councils.

For more information, please contact the MRCCC here.

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