That time of year is fast approaching and only a few days left until we start putting up our Christmas trees!

Did you know that when you purchase plastic Christmas trees, you could be decking your halls with gas and carbon?

Fake trees lead to the emission of more than double the greenhouse gases of a natural one.

Emissions from plastic trees are generated during manufacturing, transportation and from the materials used including, PVC, steel and in some cases lead.

Plastic stands used to hold up natural Christmas trees also leave an environmental footprint but it is offset by the carbon soaked up by the trees during their time in the ground. The needles are also non-recyclable.

Natural trees can also be recycled through green waste collections while artificial trees usually end up in landfill.

So, this Christmas go the eco-friendly way! Gympie Landcare nursery has native Christmas trees for sale! Large for $100 and small for $25. Come in and check them out in our nursery before they’re all gone!