In Junior Landcare we are currently learning about our local natural environments, along with our local wildlife.

Last week saw Miss Allee from Reptiles 2 U  come along and visit us, so that we could learn all about our local snakes and lizards! Allee brought along her Stimson Python, a Desert Monitor, Blue Tongued Lizard and a very beautiful olive python.

Did you know that when in sunlight, the olive python’s skin has a rainbow-coloured shimmer, and this is where the “Rainbow Serpent’s” name originates from! WOW!

We learnt some really amazing facts about the snakes that we can find in the Gympie Region, including:

  • What type of snakes are most commonly found in our region
  • How to identify different snakes by counting the scales on their skins
  • The difference in the shape of a snake’s pupil for non-venomous snakes to those of venomous snakes
  • What to do if we come across a snake when out and about.

We also learnt some basic Snake Bite First Aid skills, however it was stressed to the children that the two most important things to do are to REMAIN CALM and CALL 000 immediately.

You should also never attempt to clean or wash a snake bite site, as this could wash away excess venom left on the skin, making it harder for doctors to determine the exact species of snake that you have been bitten by.


To view the full Snake Bite First Aid Fact Sheet, produced by St John’s Ambulance Australia, please click here.