Help keep our Mary River Turtles safe

Our very special Mary River Turtle and their eggs and hatchlings are in danger and need our help.  It’s around this time of year that our turtles lay their eggs around our river banks. The nests are generally well hidden and usually away from main walking paths, but unrestrained dogs may be able to find them and dig them up. This will destroy a whole year’s breeding effort for one of our endangered species (after she has already waited around 20 years to be old enough to become a mum).

But you can help.

Simply ensure that your dog is on a lead and under your control every time you go for a walk. Dogs are not permitted to be off-leash in a public space (apart from dedicated off-leash parks) and this is especially important at this time of year as so many of our native wildlife are raising their vulnerable young. Thanks for helping keep our little native babies safe and sound.

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