How can you, an old phone, and a great idea protect our environment?



MobileMuster has partnered with Landcare Australia to restore vulnerable habitats in local communities. Every phone recycled in August will enable Landcare Australia to plant trees and shrubs, protecting our waterways and diverse wildlife.

We’re aiming is to recycle over 20,000 mobile phones this month!

The MobileMuster partnership will help Landcare Australia undertake a riparian restoration project, working together with the West Torrens community in South Australia. The project goal is to improve the area and quality of habitat present along Brown Hill Creek, beside Adelaide Airport and improve links between the coast and the Hills, by planting approximately 2,000 plants. Revegetation works undertaken as part of this project will take 12 months to complete. Community Landcare groups, the local Indigenous land managers – the Kaurana people and landowners have strong stewardship of the project, and will undertake care management beyond the initial 12 month period of the project.