Improving Koala Habitat on Private Properties – Koala Action Group

Photo Credit: MRCCC

Improving koala habitat on private properties in the Gympie region is one of the main goals of Koala Action Gympie Region (KAGR). This has been achieved by a joint effort between KAGR and Gympie & District Landcare Group (GDLG) with funding provided by the Gympie Regional Council through their environment levy grant scheme.

The project was first run in 2018 during which year we had a target of planting 2,018 koala food trees during the year 2018.  This past year we maintained this goal to plant 2,019 trees in 2019.  Due to the success of the project the council has agreed to continue this funding into 2020.

This is a FREE TREE project allowing individuals to improve koala habitat on their properties.  Assistance and advice is provided for those with no previous experience of tree planting.  Guidance can also be given to ensure appropriate trees are planted to enhance existing koala habitat and provide suitable corridors for safe movement of wildlife.

Photo Credit: Mel Jackson

In the past 12 months using this project there have been over 2,000 trees planted on 34 properties stretching from Kilkivan in the west to Neerdie in the east and Kybong and Traveston South as well as many along the Mary Valley from Amamoor to Imbil.

In the upcoming year we are hoping to plant on fewer properties but with larger, more focussed plantings.  However, this will not stop us from giving lesser amounts of trees to people wanting a small connecting corridor in suitable areas.

The photos show an enthusiastic group of volunteers who attended a Land for Wildlife planting day organised by MRCCC using trees from our project.  It is great to see different groups involved in some of these plantings and working together like this.

One public planting was held at Blacksnake Rd Kilkivan and it extended a well-used koala habitat.  It also provided Landcare with some seeds for their seedbank.  This followed on from our information day at Kilkivan and we were assisted with this planting by Rick Sizer from GDLG who also taught participants about the trees on the property and how to plant habitat for koalas.

Our other public planting this past year was held at Kia Ora school on National Schools Tree Day.  The children at the school have had an interest in koalas since they found them using trees in the school grounds over the past few years.  Due to the death of a female koala to a dog in the school grounds in the past year it was seen as opportunity to educate the younger members of community on dogs and wildlife.  We did a small planting along their fenceline which widened an existing corridor to create safer movement for the koalas. The children were given a talk about koalas in the classroom before the planting and then they assisted to plant and mulch the trees.

If you are interested in planting koala habitat on your property you can contact us via our Facebook page or phone Robyn on 0428865172.  Application forms must be completed to request the trees. These are available through our facebook page or can be sent to you.   After contact with one of our members you will then be issued with a voucher to allow you to collect the trees from Gympie Landcare.