permacultureAre you interested in designing resilient systems with Permaculture principles but not ready to do a full Permaculture Design Certificate? Then this weekend workshop on regenerative design is for you. This two-day adventure will equip you to design and apply Permaculture principles, tools and methods to your property, home, kitchen garden or apartment balcony & will inspire you to create your own sustainable space.

The workshop will highlight how to design, construct and manage a permaculture rural or urban property that is productive, ‘eco-friendly’, organic, healthy and low maintenance. Learn about the systems, techniques and strategies and everything you need to know to create and enjoy your own sustainable property, home garden or other space.

The workshop also outlines Permaculture ethics and provides a basic understanding of the environment around us. We balance practical application (getting your hands dirty) with theory elements allowing the workshop to provide you with the confidence to get started on your own journey to become a refuge of organic food and low-energy living.

soil-healthThis workshop will include: 

  • Permaculture ethics & principles
  • Ecology & nature’s patterns
  • Site planning & analyses
  • Basic drawing techniques & symbols
  • Zones & Flows
  • Soil health & regeneration
  • Design for water in the landscape
  • Energy cycling
  • Animal systems
  • Keeping your site healthy

soil-healthAbout Your Host: 

Mel Marx & her partner own a 40 hectare property in the Wolvi area. Their objective is to regenerate the landscape and live lightly on the earth. They are currently working to implement their property design which includes a food forest, animals, bees, improved energy & water cycling, a large vegetable garden and 2 income streams. Mel has two Permaculture Design Certificates and has been teaching Permaculture for a number of years. She has been lucky to study under Morag Gamble and intern & work for other leading Permaculture organisations such as Northey Street City Farm.  Her practical hands-on approach to regenerative design using Permaculture principles will give you lots of ideas on how to design your site to meet your needs, regenerate the landscape and live a more sustainable life.


At our Gympie Landcare office – 5 Groves Road, Araluen, QLD, 4570.

regenerative-designSession Times: 

Saturday 20th July 2019, 9am – 4.00pm

Sunday 21st July 2019, 9am – 3.00pm

Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided on the day.


Unfortunately, children are not permitted to attend this workshop. However, we do have other workshops and events throughout the year that are family-friendly.

How to Register: 

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