Introduction to Regenerative Farming and Holistic Management Workshop (2 Day Course) – 28 and 29 August 2021, 9am to 4pm

Whether you want to improve your profitability, regenerate and improve your land or produce great healthy livestock with less inputs, or grow your own food these workshops will give you the practical tools to get you started.

This two-day workshop will provide you an introduction to Regenerative Farming and Holistic Management.  These are practical and easy to follow days that will give you a set of tools and actions to apply to your farming operation.

DAY ONE – Introduction to Regenerative Farming

Day one will cover the following topics:

  • Unpack the Regenerative Farm Management Toolbox and use them in the best way to improve the results on your farm,
  • How to use the tool of grazing to improve your soils function
    that underpin our production systems,
  • How we manage within a complex environment and life,
  • Understand the principles of regenerative grazing management,
  • How to do practical feed budgeting, create a basic grazing plan and monitoring it.
  • The Value of Holistic decision making and how it relates to Regenerative Holistic Planned Grazing,

DAY TWO – Regenerative Farm Business Management 

Day 2 will cover the following topics:

  • Get a handle on the financial performance of your business – What is your current business position: Profit, costs, and equity?
  • Learn about accounting that focuses on management and how to use it to monitor your performance.
  • Use a simple planning method to ensure you make a profit – plan profit first!
  • What your profit drivers are, so you can improve your business results and make an improvement action plan.
  • Identify where to spend your Time, Energy & Money – and how much, to keep the momentum in your business.
  • Leave with the steps to create your regenerative business model for your farm.

This two-day course will provide an introduction for new, young, and aspiring farmers that are interested in applying Holistic Management to build profitable and regenerative farm businesses.

Holistic Management was developed by ecologist Allan Savory to help manage complexity and make good decisions that are environmentally, socially and financially sound.

The key principles around the holistic nature of the environment, developing a holistic vision for yourself or business, decision making to manage complexity, and Holistic Financial Planning are beneficial to everyone managing the complexity of land, people and finance, including small-scale market gardens, permaculture initiatives, not-for-profit enterprises, urban farms, community parks, forests and National Parks.

Jason Virtue will introduce participants to the core principles of Holistic Management that are applicable to managing your farming or food production enterprise.

Through case studies, Jason will demonstrate valuable mindsets and processes that will help you to operate your business successfully guided by your values and observations.

Regenerative farm business management is about creating healthy land, healthy people, and ensuring adequate profit so that farmers can continue growing food into the future.


About Your Host:

Jason Virtue – Landlife Education

Jason has been working in regenerative farming for over 25 years and is an accredited Field Professional in Holistic Management with the Savory Institute and a Certified Educator of Holistic Management with Holistic Management international.

Jason has travelled internationally researching regenerative farming practices and brings this knowledge and experience to helping you apply the learning from the workshop.

Along with training, educating and sharing his passion for regenerative agriculture, he and his wife run a small beef cattle business near Gympie in South East Queensland applying the principles themselves and educating other in the Business of Regenerative Farming. and supplying meat to their local region.

To find out more about Jason and Landlife Education, please click here. 

Session Times: 

Saturday 28 August 2021, 9:00am – 4:00pm; AND

Sunday 29 August 2021, 9:00am – 4:00pm

A light morning tea and light lunch will be provided.

Please note that if the minimum number of 15 registered participants is not reached, this course may be postponed to another date.


$220 – Members*

$250 – Non Members

How to Register: 

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*Please be advised that you must be a current member to receive the member price discount. You may only make multiple bookings at the reduced member price where you hold a Family Membership to Gympie & District Landcare Group Inc. and the attendees that you are booking for are members of your direct family. For more information about becoming a member, please click here. 

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