Our most recent Junior Landcare session saw the children learning all about worms!

We learnt about the difference between earthworms and compost worms, and what we need to do to keep our compost worms happy and healthy. We even created our very own worm farm, so that we can use the worm wee to add to our soil and keep our vegetable garden nice and healthy.

Our garden is growing larger, happier and healthier every day now!

Some of our lettuce is ready for picking, and we have grown our first green capsicum! The tomatoes look happy and strong, and our squash plants have grown into giants. Our “three sisters” (corn, beans and pumpkin) are definitely complementing each other and are growing more and more each day!

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions that have been put into place, we have been unable to hold our regular sessions over the last few weeks. The children have all been really disappointed, but have since taken their learning and inspiration to their own backyards to create some fantastic garden projects.

In the near future we will be producing a “Special Edition Newsletter” to showcase the amazing work that our Junior Landcare Superheroes have been doing over the last few weeks in their backyards. We have had some absolutely brilliant ideas and plans from the children so far, and we cannot wait to see how their projects progress. 

Until then, we wish that you all remain safe, happy and healthy!