Junior Landcare News – March 2020

Over the last few weeks our Junior Landcare Superheroes have made an amazing effort towards creating their very own Food Garden. Despite a few very rainy and wet sessions, we have had a fantastic turnout and the children have come up with some fantastic ideas!

The children have learnt about the basis of Permaculture Principles and planning our garden position so as to work with the natural elements that it may be exposed to, as well as soils and what we need to do to keep our soil healthy.

We have made a “Worm Lasagne” as our garden bed base, which is rich in natural nutrients and has ensured that our garden has a nice and healthy soil base.

We have also learnt about Companion Planting and how different plants compliment each other when planted together.

Our next few sessions will be looking at maintaining this health by creating a worm farm and compost system, as well as looking at what types of bugs we might find in our garden and how they affect our plants.

Our garden is happily growing week by week and we cannot wait to see the finished product! Keep up the fantastic work Junior Landcarers!


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