Did you know that we have over 200 different species of frogs in Australia! Many of these species are endemic, which means that they are not found anywhere else in the world.

Habitat loss, climate change and pollution are large causes of declining frog populations around the world and frog populations in Australia are declining at an alarming rate.

Our Junior Landcare Superheroes decided it was time to do something to help out these wonderful little creatures by building a frog pond.

Over the course of this term the children have put in an absolutely amazing amount of effort to create a safe and sustainable home and breeding ground for our local frogs.

We began by digging a HUGE hole in the garden located at the front of our office building. This task alone took us a whole 2 hours, even with everybody helping out and doing their bit.

We then had to line our hole with some foam carpet underlay, which was kindly donated by Gympie Carpet Court, before we could lay our pond liner down.

Now it was time for the fun part – we had to fill our hole with rocks and logs, so that the frogs have “stairs” and “ramps” to enter and exit the pond safely. Everybody had to be extremely careful during this step to ensure that we did not make any holes in our liner.

Finally the frog pond was ready to fill with water! We have now planted some lovely native plants around the pond to provide extra cover and safety for the frogs. These include lomandras, dianellas and a mix of native groundcovers.

So come on froggies – the pond is now officially open and we would love you to come and visit!