Sunday 1st March 2020 saw some of our Junior Landcare families participate in national Clean Up Australia Day!


We were fortunate enough to also be joined by a few families from the local Nashville Scouts group.

Our group did an amazing job at keeping the streets of Gympie tidy, by cleaning up a large area around the corner of Tin Can Bay Rd and Crescent Rd.

We found a few interesting and unusual items, including car parts, pieces of household toys and some kind of timber contraption that somebody had dumped in the bush.

It was concerning to discover that the majority of rubbish that everyone picked up consisted of plastic pieces and plastic wrappers. Coming in a close second was cigarette buts, followed by bottle tops/lids and cans equalling third place. These types of rubbish are lightweight and therefore easily end up in our local waterways and river systems.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who participated in this great day, including Councillor Glen Hartwig who came along and rolled up his sleeves for a good cause.