Landcare member Bev Kapernick continues to build her rare native plant collection

Bev Kapernick was one of several local beneficiaries who received Community Sustainability Action Grants from the

Rare Holly-leaved Graptophyllum

Queensland Government in late 2017.

Bev’s small acreage property at Chatsworth supports an extensive collection of rare and unusual Australian native flora from many environmental and climatic regions. Plants such as Clausena smyrelliana, Hernandia ladei, Graptophyllum illicifolium, Brachychiton collinus, Polyscias nodosa and more.

The Community Sustainability Grant programme has enabled the plantings to be extended to include a collection of plants propagated and ready to be planted, along with additional plants sourced from like-minded native plant enthusiasts.

Bev has been a strong supporter of Gympie Landcare, and our nursery regularly draws on her plant collection as a source of seeds and propagation cuttings.

Congratulations Bev on steadily achieving your land caring goals.

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