Looking to Contribute?

Those of us who volunteer know that contributing to the life of our community in this way has its’ own rewards.

Gympie and District Landcare Group are currently seeking expressions of interest from qualified members of the community to take positions as trustees of our Public Fund. This is the fund into which charitable donations can be made by members of the public.

Who Can Apply?

Our constitution provides for a minimum of 3 trustees for the Fund.
To be eligible for appointment, a proposed Trustee must be a person, who, because of their tenure of some public office or their position in the community, have a degree of responsibility to the community as a whole.

Examples are:

  • Church Authorities and Clergy
  • School Principals
  • Judges, Solicitors, Doctors, and other Professional People
  • Mayors, Councillors, Town Clerks, and Members of Parliament
  • Recipients of awards from government, for services to the community, such as an Order of Australia
  • Members of a professional body which has a professional code of ethics and rules of conduct.

If you do not fit strictly into one of these categories, you may be considered as long as you can demonstrate you have a strong degree of community responsibility.

Term of Appointment

The initial term of appointment for Trustees is generally 3 years, up to a maximum 6 years.

 What is Involved? 

  • Trustees are expected to meet at least quarterly to review the operation of the fund
  • Consider any proposals from Gympie Landcare for the application of fund monies towards projects that are in alignment with the objectives of the Fund
  • Consider, and offer suggestions on steps/ campaigns which may assist in increasing the Fund; and approve the lodgement of mandated reporting in relation to the Fund.
    In appropriate circumstances as agreed with the Management Committee of GDLG, you might participate in public promotion of the fund.

How does the fund operate?  

The Fund is operated on a non-profit basis.
None of the money or the property accumulated by the Fund will be distributed to members of GDLG (or trustees of the Fund) apart from proper remuneration for administrative services.

What are my Duties and Responsibilities?   

The Duties and Responsibilities of Public fund Trustees are summarised as follows:

  • Duty to act with Care and Diligence
  • To act in the best interest of the Charity and for a proper charitable purpose
  • Not to improperly use information obtained as a consequence of position held as Trustee
  • To manage financial affairs responsibly
  • To disclose and manage conflicts of interest
  • Not to allow the Fund to operate while insolvent


If you would like to apply, or discuss further before doing so, please email president@gympielandcare.org.au or call on mob 0408 765 847

Maree Gillott


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