Madeira larvae in slime

The Madeira beetle is used as an alternative to the harmful chemicals needed to control the Madeira vine which is a serious invasive environmental weed and one of national significance.

The adult Madeira beetle is tiny, about 5mm long and 2 mm wide.  Eggs are laid in groups of 8 – 15 on the underside of leaves.


Hiding under this slime is the Madeira beetle larvae.  The larvae cover themselves in faecal matter which protects them against predators whilst they feed on the Madeira vine host plant.   After approximately 30 days the larvae shed their glutinous slime and head to the soil to pupate, emerging about 20 days later as adults and so the cycle continues.

If you have Madeira vine on your property and are looking for a chemical-free alternative to control it we can provide you with Madeira beetle contact us here.



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