September News
Carl and his group have done an excellent job of brush-cutting the perimeter of the park and areas where large clumps of hamill grass had been sprayed some months ago.
Forest Pittosporum (Pittosporum revolutum) are flowering now – these are recognisable by the rusty, hairy leaves underneath.
One of the more spectacular specimen trees growing in the park is the Foambark (Jagera pseudorhus)  The yellow brown seed capsules are nearly ready to harvest;  be aware that the seeds are covered with very stiff irritating hairs.  NOTE  Do not put seeds in your pockets!
For our next get together, our group are planning to add to the koala corridor by planting more koala friendly trees.  We will be preparing the area parallel with Priddy Road and continuing down to Tinana Creek.
Hope to  share with you ideas and plans for the park over a cuppa at our next meeting, Saturday September 14th, 8.30-11.00.  We have changed the date as Gympie Landcare Festival is happening on Saturday 21st September.
Bring hat, sunscreen, water – favourite gardening tools.
For more Information contact Sandra Lalor 0412137187.
Messmate Park
Priddy Road
Kia Ora