Messmate Park Bushcare Group

The aim of Messmate Park Bushcare Group is to maintain the park now that significant areas of lantana, ochna, cat’s claw and hammily grass have been cleared.

The group is now concentrating on weeding and clearing vines from regenerated vegetation and trees planted by the group. Various grants from Council and SEQ have enabled them to construct paths while allowing easier access to work areas.

Messmate Park is a 4 hectare bushland reserve on Priddy Road, Kia Ora. The park features towering 80 year old Gympie Messmates and is recorded as habitat for koalas and the endangered Giant Barred Frog, the birdlife is significant as there are lots of older trees providing nesting hollows etc. The group believe platypus live in the billabong close to Tinana Creek.

Messmate Park Bushcare Group meet every third Saturday of the month with morning tea provided. It’s a good time to relax, chat and plan the next meeting.

All meetings will remain on the third weekend of each month.
August Meeting

Join them at Messmate Park for an enjoyable morning to discover what is flowering or setting seed.  Native Sarsaparilla Vine (Hardenbergia Violacea) is making a lovely splash of colour in the park.

Meg a keen volunteer and Koala Action Group member has taken some great photos of koalas hanging about in Gympie Messmates in Bill Roddau Park which is near Messmate Park and on the corner of Tin Can Bay Road and Priddy Road, Kia Ora.  Her ability to spot koalas is incredible.

Next get together will be Saturday 17 August – 8.30-10.30.

Bring gloves, favourite tools, water hat and suitable shoes.

For more information, please contact Sandra Lalor on 0412 137 187.
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