We managed to rake the paths and clear vines around newly planted trees – but the main event was to catch up with news from everyone after being isolated for 2 months or more.

A fruiting scrambling Lily (Geitonoplesium cymosum) was seen twining around the vegetation for support. A beautiful plant which is suitable for small gardens.

Golden Orb spider webs were seen across many parts of the park. The female spiders were very conspicuous, suspended on their yellow-tinged webs. Great care was taken not to disturb the webs. The size and strength of the webs is remarkable and as the webs tend to remain in one place for long periods, it was not unusual to see other varieties of small spiders taking adventage of these webs.

Tuesday’s Art Group who have worked towards and April/May showing of their work featuring Messmate Park, unfortunately have now postponed until the end of the year.

Peter and Bevly Hughes have written about the park (see Gympie Times, Wednesday 20th May 2020) and hopefully this publicity will help people get to know their local areas.

We would love to see some new faces come along and admire our great park!

Join us on Saturday 20th June at 8:30am for an enjoyable morning – just follow Tin Can Bay Road, before turning onto Priddy Rd – the park is on Tinana Creek. Please bring a chair, hat, water bottle and sunscreen.

For more information, please contact Sandra Lalor on 0412 137 187