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Our leaf tying moths are finally out of their cages and are now free range in larger enclosures.  We will continue to increase our breeding stock and will endeavor to release a large number of moths into the field in October.



Changes to our tingid bug rearing program has been a big success this year with a little over 18,000 insects being released since January, more then we normally release in a whole year.  Cut cats claw creeper infested with tingids were placed into large poly boxes and taken into the field.  Exact number of tingids were unknown and carrying large boxes into the field were sometimes difficult.  Tingids are now harvested using a modified vacuum cleaner system and placed into small jars with a small amount of cats claw creeper to keep them feed while they wait for release.  This new system means that we know exactly how many insects are going into the field and are a lot easier to transport to their release location.

 A huge thankyou to Llew O’Brien who approved a grant for a work Ute which will be shared between our native nursery and biocontrol staff.  Being a 4-door vehicle Nina and myself will be able to take additional volunteers when we are out monitoring our insects and therefore we will be able to collect a lot more data than we ever have before.


During this virus outbreak, Biocontrol has decided to suspend insect orders to prevent unnecessary travel.  For everyone currently waiting for insects, biocontrol staff will be in contact with you when the crisis is over, and the weather warms in spring.  If you have any questions regarding bug orders please do not hesitate to email or leave a message on 54 83 8866.

To everyone out there, please stay safe and we will be in touch soon.


Yvonne Hennell

Biocontrol Manager

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