News from the Nursery

Pandorea jasminoides (Bower Vine)

So, what’s been happening in the Nursery you might ask? It’s been a great season for planting so far.
A cooler wet summer has made the ground condition fantastic for all regenerating and garden planting projects and we’ve been busy!
For the first time our native orchids, Phaius australis (Swamp Orchid), have set seed that has grown like crazy alongside their mother plants, meaning for the first time, we will soon have seedling orchids for sale.

We would like to give a shout out to all our dedicated seed collectors, especially Russell Bennett, and Harry from Kingaroy.
Russell and Harry have donated some exciting seed this season and continue to support us with regular collecting and donation of seed.  We truly appreciate the efforts they go to.
Our local collectors and supporters play a pivotal role when it comes to seed donations.  Local seed collected from endemic Australian native plants, acclimatised to this region, allows us to continually propagate strong, healthy plants. It is vital that these species remain in our region as their survival is essential in protecting our habitat, ecosystems, waterways and landscapes.

We are always looking for local native seed. Below is a list of desirable species;

  • Acacia aulacocarpa | Golden-flowered Salwood

    One of our valued team members Chloe, hard at work
  • Acacia fimbriata | Fringe Wattle
  • Casuarina cunninghamiana | River She-Oak
  • Corymbia intermedia | Pink Bloodwood
  • Commersonia bartramia | Brown Kurrajong
  • Castanospermum australe | Black Bean
  • Cryptocarya triplinervis | Three-veined Laurel
  • Ehretia acuminata | Koda
  • Eucalyptus tereticornis | Blue Gum
  • Ficus coronata | Creek Sandpaper Fig
  • Glochidion ferdinandi | Cheese Tree
  • Grevillea robusta | Silky Oak
  • Lomandra longifolia | Mat Rush
  • Melaleuca bracteata | Black tea Tree
  • Melaleuca linarifolia | Flax-leaved Paperbark
  • Melaleuca viminalis | Weeping Bottlebrush
  • Rhodosphaera rhodanthema | Deep Yellow Wood
  • Syzygium austral | Brush Cherry
  • Waterhousia floribunda | Weeping Lillypilly

National Eucalypt Day
Wednesday 23rd of March is National Eucalypt Day.
A significant day given the plight of the Koala population and its new status as an officially endangered species.
We are encouraging the community to grow new homes and food sources for our beloved Koalas. Every bit counts!





March Special
In honour of National Eucalypt Day, Gympie Landcare will be running a special till the end of March 2022 on all Eucalypts. Buy 3 Eucalypts for the price of 2!

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