Northern Australia Climate Program Seasonal Update

The ‘Northern Australia Climate Program’ (NACP) is a partnership between the Queensland Government, Meat and Livestock Australia and USQ, targeted at helping the grazing industry better manage drought and climate risks through a range of research, development and extension activities.

One unique and successful part of the Northern Australia Climate Program is the introduction of Climate Mates to the local regions of the project area. ‘Climate Mates’ are involved in delivery of workshops, disseminating regionally specific climate and forecast information as well as gathering feedback on research and product development. The contact person for the grazing industry in Burnett Mary is Peter Crawford and his contact details can be found below.

To view the full August 2020 Central Queensland Seasonal Climate Outlook Report, please click here.


For further information, please contact Peter Crawford of the Northern Australia Climate Program

University of Southern Queensland


Phone 0427 024 921


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