Nursery Manager’s Plant of the Month – Parachidendron pruinosum

Our plant of the month is Parachidendron pruinosum.

It is sometimes known as Stink Wood, or more commonly as Snow Wood.

Growing to a height of about 15 metres it has heads of fragrant, white to pale yellow flowers from spring to summer.   The 12cm long twisted seed pods are red or orange inside and contain black flattened seeds.   With its reddish trunk and lacy pinnate leaves, Snow Wood is an excellent small tree for street plantings, parks or as a feature in a larger garden. It grows well in full sun or part shade, prefers well drained neutral pH soil, is frost tolerant and requires only moderate watering. 


Snow Wood is an attractive fragrant small tree that attracts bees, birds and butterflies and is available in the nursery now.


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