This month in the Nursery you will find Pittosporum angustifolium, also known as Gumbi Gumbi or Native apricot.  It is a slow growing small tree or large shrub up to about 8 metres.

The Native apricot is slow growing and enjoys full sun in well-drained soil.  It is drought and frost tolerant and its foliage is reported to be eaten by stock in some areas.  This lovely tree also attracts birds to the garden.

The tree has a weeping appearance with long slender leaves and small pleasantly scented creamish yellow tubular flowers from late winter to mid-spring.   As the  small round fruit ripens it changes from green to yellow/orange and resembles an apricot which can remain on the tree for some time.  The wrinkled dark red seeds are held within a sticky yellow pulp.
Gumbi Gumbi has a number of traditional medicinal uses including pain relief, relief from eczema, treatment for colds, cramps and itching and seeds were ground for flour.  However, care must be taken as only a few varieties have been beneficial and others are toxic.

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