Nursery News August 2022

Our propagation house is full to overflowing in preparation for spring and beyond. The wet and cold winter months have been a little frustrating regarding growth but every time it warms up even a small amount, we see a boost in germination and growth. We are looking forward to a wet spring perfect for planting.

Fontainea rostrata, commonly known as “Deep Creek Fontainea”, is a rainforest tree or shrub endemic to the Gympie region. It is listed as “vulnerable” under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.[2]
We take a great deal of pleasure growing any rare or endangered plants and have a few of these rare and vulnerable local species coming along in the nursery.
These will be planted back into their natural environment as part of one of our revegetation projects. Other rare/endangered species we grow here include Cadellia pentastylis (Ooline) and Planchonella eerwah (Shiny-leaved Coondoo)

Left: Some Eucalypt species coming along nicely.

Right: Habitat boxes, bird feeders, vertical planter boxes and much more, all made right here at Gympie Landcare.



Did you know we are now selling our very own “home-made” potting soils and seed raising mixes?




Plant of The Month

Dianella brevipedunculata

Commonly known as the blue flax-lily, blueberry lily or paroo lily is a perennial herb found across the Eastern states of Australia. It’s an herbaceous strappy perennial plant to a metre high, with dark green blade-like leaves to 70 cm long. Blue flowers in spring and summer.