Nursery Special Buys October 2022

Citrus australasica ~ Finger Limes
On Special for October ~ Buy 2 & get 1 free  ~ Save $3.90!

This trendy ‘bush tucker’ has earned it’s place on our day-to-day menus and so it should.
Finger Limes are delicious, easy to grow and drought tolerant. They are also an important food source for some of our largest garden butterflies, our bees love them and small birds will use the spiky foliage for protection.
They make a fantastic addition to any garden to increase bio-diversity with the added bonus of tasty homegrown bush tucker.
Our plants are seed grown not grafted so you’ll need to wait a bit longer till they fruit but it will be worth it.
On special for October only so pop in and see us in the nursery now.






Back on the Benches are Nymphoides indica ~ Water Snowflakes $8 each

After a winter sleep our Water Snowflakes have woken up for spring and are back in the nursery for sale.
We will have more submerged water plants available later in summer, and I’m hard at work sourcing some local lillies… this space but don’t hold your breath !
Esther/Retail Nursery

Check out what is happening with this amazing organisation who launched in September.
We are a participating nursery if you would like to claim your free membership trees, pop in and see us.

Gardening Week

Remember it’s National Gardening Week starting Monday 10th October. It’s also a great time to get planting before the Summer heat.
We have everything you need to get your plants growing and happy in the nursery shop, from homemade hardwood seed kits to tools and gloves and, the best, our home made refillable potting and seed raising mixes.




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