Nursery Special: Crows Ash (Flindersia australis)

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Image courtesy of National Trusts Australia

What is not to love about this adaptable, tolerant, large, shade-producing, timber-producing tree???

Although initially from the rainforest, it can tolerate open forest and drier areas quite well. Tolerant of clay soils and, once established, drought and frost tolerant.

The seed pod is very recognisable – with large brown bumpy stars that make great decorations!

In spring/summer it gets covered in beautiful white flowers, attracting bees and butterflies. Can you tell it’s one of our favourites!

Grows to heights over 15 metres.

50mm Tubestock – Buy 1, get 1 Free!

Single tubestock priced at $2.90 each

Image courtesy of Paten Park Native Nursery
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