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Diamond Leafed Pittosporum

Auranticarpa rhombifolia

Also known as White Holly, White Myrtle and Hollywood

Often sought for as an ornamental tree in gardens and streets for their variety of exceptional features, their short 5m height, their thick blankets of white flowers which transform into stunning bright orange berries and the berries ability to attract large amounts of the bright rainbow lorikeets.

Also used as a plant for screening, what sets this plant apart from other screening plants is their unique diamond shaped leaves and the lush rainforest appeal.

Good well-draining soils and full sun.

Native to south east QLD.

Tie Bush

Wikstroemia indica

Also known as Bushman’s Bootlace

The Tie bush has many natural properties such as strong fibers for weaving and string as well as chemical pharmaceutical properties with cytotoxic activity (cell killing) used in commercial medicinal cures of diarrhea, inflammations, fungi and other microbials.

This plant can grow up to 1.5m and is a hardy grower in many soil types. The fruits make it a suitable option as an understory bird attractant.

Native to South-east Asia and Australia in rocky hillside.

Koala Food-tree Eucalyptus – An assortment of tall, field-ready tubestock, including a mix of these species:

Dry- Wet-

E. exerta (Peppermint-scented gum) E. Microcorys (Tallowood)

E. melanophloia (Silver Leafed Ironbark) E. propinqua (Grey Gum)

E. moluccana (Gum-topped box) E. siderphloia (Northern Grey Ironbark

E. crebra (Narrow Leaved Ironbark) E. tereticornis (Forest Red gum

Corymbia intermedia (Pink Bloodwood)