Nursery Special: Silver Spurflower/White Plectranthus (Plectranthus argentatus)

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An attractive, low growing, spreading, herbaceous plant with fleshy leaves that are covered in soft silver white hairs that make the plant look and feel soft. Pale blue/white flowers appear on a tall spike in Summer.

This plant clumps to about a metre in both height and width. Also grows well from cuttings or a broken stem so can benefit from a hard prune every so often to encourage a compact shape.

Very tough and drought tolerant once established, being found naturally on rocky outcrops.

Prefers shade but will tolerate partial shade and some sun.

A great plant as a background for borders or in pots under the veranda.

50mm Tubestock – Buy 1, get 1 Free!

Single tubestock priced at $2.70 ea

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