Monthly special!

  1. $2 ea for large tubestock gumtrees, including species such as, E. exserta (QLD peppermint gum), E. tereticornis

    Eucalyptus terreticornis

    (Blue gum), C. intermedia (Pink Bloodwood), C. maculate (Spotted gum), etc. These gumtrees are all fast growing species with lots of different types to choose from for all sorts of soil types

  2. 2 for the price of 1 tubestock Melaleuca species, including species such as, M. viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush), M. salicina (Willow Bottlebrush), M. williamsii (Callistemon Pungens), etc. These bottlebrush grow from varying sizes of 2-10m, however they respond well to pruning from 1m+. All species are thought to be the red flowering variety.

Plant of the Month: Mentha diemenica (Native Mint) tubestock

Native Mint is an edible bushtucker herb that has that same tasty mint flavour as your common mint, this species is often found in open woodlands and grasslands, being a

Mentha Diemenica

native to Australia it is tough for any soil type (whether sandy, loamy or clay), frost tolerant, withstand full sun and drought tolerant. This hardy shrub will grow to a height of 10-15cm and is often used as decoration because of its delicate white flowers which are often on show.