Nutrition Farming Workshop – 14 September 2019, 9am -1.30pm

Come along to our Nutrition Farming Workshop! Your soil is your greatest asset. It is the essence of your productive potential and profitability. Soil health is also key to stress-free farming. The common catch cry is, “our soils aren’t what they used to be”. In this fascinating half-day seminar, internationally acclaimed soil specialist, Graeme Sait, will help you reclaim resilience and profitability on the farm.

The course will cover: 

  • You will understand the mechanics of Nutrition Farming and how your improved management of minerals, microbes and humus can turn around your enterprise.
  • You will discover that humus is the cornerstone of soil fertility. Discover how we lost 2/3 of our humus, and acquire the strategies to rebuild organic matter on your farm.
  • You will recognise the role of mineral balancing in creating disease-resilient soils and crops. Discover how key mineral ratios in the soil, and in plant tissue, can change your cropping outcome.
  • You will learn about the use of specific microbe inoculums to solve problems and boost yield. You will also discover how to support your existing soil life, including earthworms.
  • You will understand why multi-species, cocktail cover crops can be a powerful fertility building tool.
  • You will discover the many benefits of in-field crop monitoring, including leaf analyses. You will also learn how to use hand-held tools like the refractometer, the sap pH meter and K and N
  • meters to provide invaluable instant feedback.
  • You will also learn drought management strategies to improve your resilience amidst increasingly unstable climatic conditions.

About Your Host: 

Graeme Sait

Graeme conducts seminar tours across the globe each year. He trains soil scientists and Ag departments and he often consults at ministerial level. He is the author of two books and over 300 articles, and his weekly blog, Nutrition Matters, is enjoyed by thousands. Graeme is a sought-after conference speaker and his presentations are often described as “life changing”. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from this accomplished teacher.


At our Gympie Landcare office – 5 Groves Road, Araluen, QLD, 4570.

Session Times: 

Saturday 14 September 2019

9am – 1.30pm (Lunch is included and a half hour lunch break will be at 11.30am)


Unfortunately, children are not permitted to attend this workshop. However, we do have other workshops and events throughout the year that are family-friendly.

How to Register: 

To find out how to register, please click here. Spots are limited, so be quick!

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