17th March 2020

Re: COVID-19 

We are closely monitoring the State Government announcements and health advice issued by Queensland Health relating to COVID-19.

There is no specific treatment for the COVID-19 infection and those who are elderly or have underlying respiratory conditions are especially vulnerable to contracting the virus.

What are We Doing at Gympie Landcare?

To minimise the spread of the virus, protect our staff and customers, and keep Gympie Landcare as operational as possible, we are immediately implementing the following arrangements until further notice.

We are:

  • Suspending Junior Landcare until further notice (don’t worry guys – we’ll keep the plants going until then!).
  • Deferring all workshops to dates to be announced – if you can’t attend the later date, we’ll gladly refund.
  • Suspending for the moment all group activities on the site – meaning those external groups who use our site regularly for their own clubs.
  • Suspending all venue hire bookings of our conference room until further notice.
  • Withdrawing our participation in community events over the next month – and longer if circumstances at the time suggest we should.
  • Deferring our decision on whether to hold the Landcare Festival in September, until we see how the current situation evolves.
  • Asking volunteers who are over 65 or who have medical issues to stay home and keep safe until further notice – younger volunteers who attend as usual will be required to adopt social distancing and strict hygiene practices.
  • Volunteer induction days will be cancelled until further notice.
  • Keeping the nursery open for the moment – but it will be largely ‘self -serve ‘, unless you call ahead and ask us to pack an order for you. Pre-packed orders can be delivered to your car as well.  Don’t be offended if our staff maintain a distance from you and start disinfecting things as you leave – we’re determined not to compromise anyone’s health and safety.
  • Our Containers for Change facility will remain open to the public, however, we recommend that customers wear gloves when handling the bags around this drop off point. Customers will be requested to sanitise their hands prior to using the kiosk.
  • Our office staff will mainly be working from home, but the phone will still be answered if you call.
  • Our Bio-Control and Contract Land Services teams will continue to work for the moment – again with social distancing and strict hygiene practices.
  • Our members meetings and AGM have been postponed. We will update our members in due course.

What we want you to do

  • Please don’t visit us or come to work or volunteer here if you’re feeling off, or if you are in the class of people that should be practicing self-quarantine.
  • Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help YOU – we know some members are older and may not have community support networks. For those people, don’t be afraid to call if you need something – we will try to help, or find someone who can. We are all in this together!

Where to get more information about our response to COVID-19

  • Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates.
  • Members will receive email updates from us when required.

When will we update you again?

  • As we all keep hearing “the situation is evolving”, so we will just give you updates on any further changes to our operations as they occur.

Keep safe everyone and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Kind Regards

Maree Gillott