Pastures in the Burnett Mary Region – Webinar – 29th July 2020, 1pm to 2pm

In the grazing industry, understanding how plants grow and what plant species dominate your pastures can help you make better management decisions. In this webinar Jill Alexander, Applied Ag, will step through some basic plant physiology and explain what drives plant growth.  This 1 hour webinar will include a number of key indicator species which are common to the Burnett Mary Region.  Jill will show you how to identify them so that you can be more confident about knowing what you have on your own property.

WHEN: July 29th at 1.00pm

To register visit or contact Rhonda on 0407 678 574

This workshop is supported by Burnett Mary Regional Group, through funding from the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program

 This webinar will be very useful for anyone with an interest in pasture management in the Burnett Mary region.

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