Nursery Manager’s Plant of the month – Harpullia Pendula (Tulipwood)

Our plant of the month is Harpullia pendula, commonly known as Tulipwood.  It is a common street tree in many areas due to its versatility, good looks, fast growth, and tolerance of a range of conditions and soil types.

In perfect conditions, it can grow in excess of 30 metres but generally grows between 7 – 15+ metres.  It will tolerate dry conditions and most soil types which is why it is often chosen by Councils as a street tree where it has to cope with less than ideal environmental conditions.

The roots are not invasive and the dense crown makes a useful specimen or shade tree.  It is a hardy fast growing tree with attractive pale green foliage, pendulous sprays of slightly fragrant flowers in spring/summer followed by showy orange seed cases that mature in winter to reveal glossy black seeds.  As if that is not enough the fine-grained timber can be used in furniture making.


This beautiful tree is now available for purchase in the Nursery.  It would be a lovely addition to your large garden or acreage. To see what else is available in our nursery click here