Membership Application – new or renewals

Membership Application – new or renewals

From: $25.00 / year


Gympie and District Landcare membership is available for new membership or for existing membership renewals. Individuals, Families and Organizations can now join at any time during the year or for longer periods of time.  Some of the membership benefits are discount at the Nursery and workshops.

Schedule of membership fees

Membership category One year Two years Three years
Single $25.00 $45.00 $60
Family $37.50 $67.50 $90.00
Community Group / Corporate $50.00 $90.00 $120.00

Code of Conduct: 

All members are expected to uphold the expectations outlined in our Code of Conduct. By registering as a member with Gympie & District Landcare Group Inc, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the expectations outlined in our Code of Conduct.

In accordance with out constitution, the management committee may terminate a member’s membership if the member—

(a) is convicted of an indictable offence; or

(b) does not comply with any of the provisions of the constitution rules; or

(c) has membership fees in arrears for at least 2 months; or

(d) conducts himself or herself in a way considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the association.

Public Liability Insurance:

Gympie & District Landcare Group Inc. holds a current public liability insurance policy up to $30,000,000.

This information is provided in accordance with the rules of our constitution.

To view our constitution click here Constitution as at July 2019


Single, Family, Community Group/Corporate


1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years


One-Time, Ongoing Subscription