Seed Collection Workshop, Saturday 18 May 2019, 8am – 12pm




The seed collection workshop at Gympie Landcare will provide an introduction to seed collecting in a way that is suitable for beginners but also of benefit to those who already have a familiarity with native plants and/or seed collection. Information and practical activities will be blended to cover the topics of:

  • Tools and materials to make your seed collection run smoothly
  • Plant identification skills
  • Recognising different seed/fruit types and timing of collection
  • Collection etiquette, formalities and regulations
  • Techniques to collect seed from a variety of plants
  • Methods of seed processing, storage and record-keeping

About your host:

The workshop will be facilitated by Gympie Landcare’s nursery co-manager, Shane Litherland. Shane has been testing how green his thumbs actually are (or equally often, aren’t) from a very young age. His interest in native plant propagation took a big leap forward around 12 years ago when he moved to the region to actively partake in land rehabilitation on rural property. He has had the humbling privilege of learning some invaluable skills from nature, peers and mentors along the way; much of the workshop content will be based on such accumulated knowledge. Shane has also had a lifelong habit of questioning; along the way this has led him to try plenty of seemingly unorthodox or unconventional approaches to seed collection and propagation, at times quite in contrast to his formal training in the natural sciences. Often his curiosities ended up, literally, a dead-end for the seeds, but occasionally he stumbled on some novel successes. He is sure to share tales of those successes and failures with you through the workshops, tempered by advice on current propagation norms or best practices. The content of the workshops will be delivered with a holistic perspective on how and why one might engage in seed collection and propagation of native plants.

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