Queensland Government Launches New Weed Spotter App

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Landholders in Queensland have a responsibility to manage declared weeds on their properties and are encouraged to always be on the lookout for new weeds.

The Queensland Government’s new Weed Spotter App allows you to email photographs of plants and suspected weeds to the Queensland Herbarium for identification.

Weed Spotters report, collect, identify and deliver specimens of potential, new and emerging weeds in their region. You can be a landholder, gardener or member of a community group such as Landcare, along with Australian, state and local government officers, industry representatives, and anyone else interested in weeds and plants.

This app has been developed to support the Weed Spotters Network, a joint project between the Queensland HerbariumBiosecurity Queensland and local governments with funding support from the Land Protection Fund.

To download this fantastic new smartphone app please click here.