A small group recently had an interesting day with Kelvin and Amelia Nielsen of Cooloola Nature, learning all about birds and their role in the environment.

Kelvin versed his keen audience in recognising birds and their calls, giving some helpful advice about attracting not only the larger birds but also the small ones to our properties.

He pointed out that planting thickets, thorny- and dense bushes and grasses for birds to have safe habitat is one of the most important things of all. Having a ratio of at least 3 times more melaleuca and species other than grevillea, which tend to attract the larger honey eating birds and push out the small ones, is extremely important.

It was a day full of useful information and everyone is welcome to join Kelvin on a half- or preferably full day bird walk in several areas around Gympie and the Cooloola Coast.

More details about Birding in Cooloola can be found at Kelvin and Amelia’s website –  Birding Cooloola